How exactly to Create a Position Report with Sample Essays

If you should improve Language creating, you must remember there are several unique techniques that you’re able to do so. As this short article is merely about the best way to start creating great Language arrangements, let’s now delve right in to that. Though there are several essential factors which must be considered if you… Read More »


He was interested within the point of light of the writer in contrast to the plots. The college dissertation needs to be opinionated also it must be created in that way that it may be questioned by some one with an opposing view. We got into lots of problems. There definitely was not lots of… Read More »

Key Variation between International and Domestic Business reviews Specialist composition support may possibly be invaluable. Every one of these points will offer you an abstract to your own article composing. This might be an additional area for essay help. The pupil should carefully decide a custom article writing company that’s qualified authors to have the ability to obtain essay from. If… Read More »

HT Experimental Strategy in Education

I recently spent two valuable days at the Freeslate Forum in San Francisco. Two of the case studies were on the use of high throughput tools in more academic settings, by Emory Chan of The Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and by Scott Virgil at the Center for Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis (3CS)… Read More »

Experimental Strategy: A Blueprint. Analysis and Visualization

Step 7. We ran the experiment… Now what? We have data, we need knowledge. What we mean by information — the elementary unit of information — is a difference which makes a difference. (Gregory Bateson)  At the end of step 6, we had an experimental plan that the entire team could understand and that was… Read More »

HT Experimental Strategy 4. Resources & Factors

Landscapes with moderate degrees of ruggedness share a striking feature: it is the highest peaks that can be scaled from the greatest number of initial positions! (Stuart Kauffman, At Home in the Universe)  In the previous step, we quickly found that even with a relatively modest selection of factors and levels, the combinatoric explosion can… Read More »

HT Experimental Strategy. Step 3. Experimental Space

“To boldly go where no one has gone before…” (Star Trek)  If a project is worth the investment of a high throughput laboratory, it must have an important element of discovery, pushing away from the familiar into different spaces. But the simple facts of chemistry generate enormous numbers of combinations that quickly become a nightmare… Read More »

High Throughput Strategy. Step 2: HT Measurements

Step 2. What are we measuring? Are we measuring it well? Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. (Albert Einstein)  In the previous step, we discussed ways to move from the goals and objectives of the business to unbiased, specific and measurable laboratory objectives. Now we need… Read More »

Experimental Strategy: A Blueprint. Nuisances

Step 6. How do we actually get the data? At the end of Section 5 we have an array of points that statistically should produce data adequate to generating a useful result. However, “Designing an experiment is like gambling with the Devil…” (Sir R. A. Fisher). The ever-present noise of our equipment, laboratory, building, city,… Read More »

High Throughput Strategy. Step 1

Step 1. What are we doing? How do we move forward? High throughput experimentation is qualitatively different from standard laboratory work. The simple fact of 10-100x speedup changes the game as much as switching from propellers to jets changed the airline industry. This must be reflected in the laboratory strategy. Nevertheless, the basic development of… Read More »