Case Studies

1. Development of an experimental plan for optimization of a complex drug delivery formulation.

Keywords: experimental space, experimental design, DOE, drug delivery, formulation design, balanced design, polytope, constrained mixture, genetic algorithm, vesicle, lipid, buffer, quantitative factors, qualitative factors.

Abstract: Development of an experimental strategy for a large composite formulation experiment with multi-level qualitative mixture factors and quantitative values for those factors as well. This included definition of the problem; assessing the experimental space; generating the constrained quantitative mixture sub-design; and generating an initial generation using balanced design techniques.

2. The Procrustes Problem. Optimizing a design for workflow efficiency.

Keywords: high throughput, robot experiments, robot efficiency, workflow optimization

Abstract: Successful experimental strategy in the high throughput world requires coordination of the statistical planning of the experimental program with the optimization of the workflow for efficient use of robotic workstation resources. (Attachments 1 and 2)

3. Using Design of experiments, innovative graphics, and good detective work to salvage experiments

Keywords: correlated data points, mixture experiments, D-optimal design, one-factor-at-a-time

Abstract: Two experiments done without DOE methods generated confusing and unproductive results. Reconsideration from a DOE perspective allowed us to salvage the project with little additional experimental effort and produced highly valuable information that led to optimization of the systems. (Attachment 3)

4. Identification of a complex statistical distribution in a biomedical materials study

Keywords: Biomedical materials, platelets, adhesion, polymer surface, imaging, poisson

Abstract: Statistical analysis of platelet adherence to polycarbonate surfaces shows that the measurements will often follow a unusual doubly stochastic Poisson process in which the variance is inherently very large.

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