Experimental Design Services

Cawse and Effect LLC offers approaches that result in rapid and efficient progress in development of new materials and processes.

1. Development of strategies and tactics for efficient experimentation in chemical and materials sciences.

Jim has excellent skills in advanced DOE, in particular the area of high throughput screening.

Stephen Clarke, Lean Six Sigma Training Manager, GE Plastics

Jim helped us overcome a significant product development challenge that had us stumped for quite some time… this led us to significant, measurable results in a matter of months.

Steve Pung, VP, Columbia Forest Products.
2. Use of advanced strategies in high throughput and combinatorial experimentation and analysis of the data resulting from such experimentation.

It was great to work with Jim because he was able to provide the insight on the experimental design aspects of our combinatorial experiments

Radislav Potyrailo, GE Global Research

Jim was extremely good at taking a pragmatic approach to the problems we faced in our high throughput experiments, and contributing at just the right level.

Norman Packard, CEO, Protolife Inc.

3. Application of applied statistical methods (e.g. Total Quality Management or Six Sigma) to optimize the quality of experimental, manufacturing, or business processes.

Jim worked with me at GE to develop and deploy a Six Sigma Quality education and training curriculum across all levels of management within the company and on a global basis. He both wrote and taught the modularized training program and coached employees through the application of Six Sigma tools in business improvement projects.

Tim Fidler, Director, Management Development, GE Plastics

4. Analysis of data obtained from experimental, manufacturing, or business processes using advanced statistical and graphical methods.

Jim developed new techniques and processes so the team could handle large amount of data, and taught his team how to manage their own data.

Greg Chambers, Global Technology Leader, GE Global Research

5. Instruction and training in the use of applied statistical methods.

Jim is an outstanding instructor. He utilizes the very best approaches to adult learning.

Tim Fidler, Director, Management Development, GE Plastics